Syphon coffee was invented in the 1840s. It’s been refined many times, but a few principles stayed: Syphon produces a delicate taste and tea-like consistency.

How to brew:

Step 1

After soaking the filter in a warm water for 5 minuter, put it into syphon's upper glass.

Step 2

Fill the bottom bulb with 450 grams of hot water.

Step 3

insert the upper part on the bottom bulb, make sure it's securely and evenly in place and put the entire assembly above your heat source.

Step 4

Soon, the water in the bulb will begin boiling and rise up into the upper glass.  Once the water has moved fully add your coffee, and gently submerge.

Step 5

After one minute remove your siphon from its heat source and wait to draw downward into the bulb.


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