The alternative methods of brewing coffee are getting more and more popular. All you need is true love of coffee and enthusiasm. The quality of your coffee depends on you, because you control the brewing process.

How to brew:

Step 1

Put your V60 device on the scale, put the filter and place it in the device and Fully saturate the filter and warm the vessel with hot water so that the filter doesn't have the taste of paper anymore.

Step 2

Pour 15 grams of ground coffee into the filter.

Step 3

Start the timer and pour water slowly in a circular pattern. Start from the centre to soak the coffee ground and wait for 30 seconds. Then continue pouring until you have 240 ml of coffee. This process should take nearly 2-3 minutes. 

Step 4

It is important ro let the coffee cool a lottle bit, so that you can taste the perfect taste and different aromas.


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