Best quality specialty coffee and distinctive taste is exactly the thing that will make your business exceptional with satisfied and loyal customers.

Coffee Lab offers a complete and comfortable service of coffee supply and machines: we will provide your facility with specially chosen coffee machines, that meet your needs, desires and goals, we will supply you with the coffee of your choice, train the staff and etc.

Coffee your guest

              will return for


Not all coffee companies are the same ...

How many customers visit you for the coffee that you offer them? Probably not much, because nowadays the market is mostly held by the “Mainstream” commercial coffee brands, all of them has the same bitter taste. Because of the lack of alternatives, customers choose coffee places not by coffee quality or taste, but by interior, price or other factors.


Our attitude is totally different. Coffee Lab offers you the best quality specialty coffee, the product, that will give  you dominance on the market.


To our customers we offer not only coffee supply. We also provide your cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels or offices with modern machines and equipment of the leading coffee brands. More over your stuff will be trained professionally by our experts and you will have full technical support.


We are open to business relationships with companies, that seek for quality based decisions.


Avoid extra expenses by selecting optimally useful 
techniques and accessories
We offer the wide range of modern coffee machines of the leading brands and we will help you to chose the one that is best suited for your company's environment and demands.
We provide fast technical support, respond to any problem, and give  advices anytime
During our partnership Coffee Lab team will continuously provide your company with technical support, important tips and solutions to the related problems
Professionally trained stuff with 
enthusiasm is the key to success.
Our professional team will carefully train and instruct your stuff about how to use the technology and teach both traditional and innovative techniques of coffee making
Choosing right taste is the most important in coffee industry 
We will help you to pick the right coffee bean depending on your taste, interests and goals.


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